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Dj AllStyle Lunchmix 03.29.12

Dj AllStyle #LunchMix 03.27.12



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Indiana Governor Signs Bill Allowing Citizens To Use Deadly Force Against Police Officers Into Law

Republican Governor Mitch Daniels has signed Senate Enrolled Act 1 into law in Indiana. The new law allows citizens to use deadly force against police officers they think are illegally entering their homes. Earlier this month, Addicting Info reported  that the bill had …

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Dj AllStyle LunchMix 03.27.12

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Dj AllStyle LunchMix 03.26.12

Dj AllStyle #LunchMix 03.26.12



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DjAllstyle LunchMix 03.23.12.

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Dj AllStyle Lunchmix 03.22.12

Dj AllStyle #LunchMix 03.22.12


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Roc-A-Fella Records Co-Founder Kareem “Biggs” Burke Pleads Guilty To Drug Charges

One of the co-founders of Roc-A-Fella Records is facing several years in prison for his role in a drug ring.


MTV News says Kareem “Biggs” Burke has pleaded guilty to charges that he was helping to distribute more than 100 kilos of marijuana.


“High Times Magazine” editor …

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Jason Russell Kony 2012 Director Detained and Hospitalized : Video Taped Naked In Streets

Jason Russell Kony 2012 Director Detained and Hospitalized : Video Taped Naked In Streets
Posted on Saturday …

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Shaq Dumps Hoopz : Security Kicks Hoopz Out Of Shaq’s Home
























Word is the romance between Shaq and fiancee Hoopz is over and didn’t end with out major drama. Sources report that Shaq had his fun and was ready to move on. I was told by  a very close source to him…
“He was cheating on her …

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President Barack Obama Gives It Up For “Tyler Perry” Watch Video

If you were fortunate enough in this economy to have an extra $500, $2500, or $10,000 mattress money laying around then you may have been able to eyewitness Barack Obama our President on Greenbriar Parkway at Tyler Perry Studios. In the house was Mayor …

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