Interview with the Mixxboss himself, DJ Allstyle

Who Is DJ Allstyle? A DJ. Producer. Arranger Voice-Over. Barber Teacher. Shop Owner. Platform Artist
How’d you get started? My father was DJ & Club Owner. I grew listening to & learning how to play some of the best music ever created.
What in your opinion makes you “that dude” when it comes to deejaying? I always strive to stay ahead of new & current artists, music, & technology before they become popular.
Is it Allstyle or Allstyles? It’s Both… Dj Allstyle uses & creates Allstyles of music w/technology to please the listeners ears.
When did you know “hey this is what I want to do? I knew I wanted to DJ/Produce when my dad 1st showed me what a turntable & mixer could do w/vinyl .


When did Power 92 happen? I began WPWX @Power92chicago the summer of 2007
What’s next for Allstyle and is there more to Allstyle than Deejaying? Along w/the music business & many musicĀ  industry related services. I own a barber salon & multicultural hair products & hair educational services.



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